The 15th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME 2013)

 4th to 7th December 2013, Singapore


 ICBME is a series of international conferences in biomedical engineering held in Singapore. Organised jointly by the Department of  Bioengineering, National University of Singapore and the Biomedical Engineering Society (Singapore), the past ICBME series of conferences have been successful in attracting about 800 participants from over 30 countries.

ICBME was held from 4 to 7 December 2013 in the National University of Singapore University Town, Singapore.

Conference & Plenary Speakers


Stephen Quake

Professor of Bioengineering

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Stanford University

Rashid Bashir
Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering
University of Illinois

Gerhard A. Holzapfel
Institute of Biomechanics
Graz University of Technology

Antonios G. Mikos
John W. Cox Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering
Center for Excellence in Tissue Engineering
Rice University

Ichiro Sakuma

Department of Precision Engineering/Department of Bioengineering
School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Geert Schmid-Schoenbein
UCSD Jacob School of Bioengineering

Nitish Thakor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering/Department of Bioengineering/Department of Medicine
Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore

David Townsend
A*STAR-NUS Clinical Imaging Research Centre (CIRC)

Click here to download the conference programme and abstract book.

Click here for the list of award winners at ICBME 2013

Check out some photos from the conference and the dinner


ICBME 2013 was organised by:

Biomedical Engineering Society (Singapore)

NUS Department of Biomedical Engineering

ICBME 2013 was endorsed by

International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering

Secretarial support for ICBME 2013 was provided by INMEET CMS

Organising Committee

Chairperson: James GOH

Co-Chair & Treasurer: TOH Siew Lok

Scientific Program Chair: LIM Chwee Teck

YIA Awards Chair: Sierin LIM

Student Design Competition Chair: Alberto CORRIAS

Member: Khoo-TAN Peck Ha

Scientific Programme Committee

Biomedical Imaging Anqi QIU National University of Singapore
Biomedical instrumentation Zhiwei HUANG National University of Singapore

Changyuan YU National University of Singapore

Chengkuo Lee National University of Singapore
Biosignal Processing Nanguang Chen National University of Singapore

Shanbao Tong Shanghai Jiaotong University

Linbo Liu Nanyang Technological University
Clinical Engineering Peck Ha Khoo-Tan Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Neuroengineering Shih Cheng Yen National University of Singapore

Zhi Yang National University of Singapore
Telemedicine & Healthcare Johnny Chee Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Karen Chua Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Biosensors and BioMEMs Dieter Trau National University of Singapore
Micro/Nano Biomedical devices Chia Hung Chen National University of Singapore
Nanobiotechnology Yong Zhang National University of Singapore

Long Ping Wen University of Science and Technology of China

James Kah National University of Singapore
Computer-Integrated & Robot-Assisted Surgery Chee Kong Chui National University of Singapore

Jimmy Liu A*Star
Ergonomics and Human Factors Kay Chuan Tan National University of Singapore

John Brian Peacock National University of Singapore
Bio-Robotics Chee Meng Chew National University of Singapore

Peter Chen National University of Singapore
Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Hao Yong Yu National University of Singapore

Domenico Campolo Nanyang Technological University

Yue Hong Yin Shanghai Jiaotong University
Artificial Organs Hwa Liang Leo National University of Singapore

Yan Wang Zhujiang Hospital & Southern Medical University
Biomaterials Jun Li National University of Singapore
Controlled Drug Delivery Chi Hwa Wang National University of Singapore

Yi Yan Yang A*Star
Pharmaceutical Sciences & Engineering Sierin Lim Nanyang Technological University

Kathy Luo Nanyang Technological University
Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering Evelyn Yim National University of Singapore

Andrew Wan A*Star
Sports Biomechanics & Human Performance Fook Rhu Ong Singapore Polytechnic

Veni Kong National Institute of Education Singapore
Cardiovascular Bioengineering Sangho Kim National University of Singapore
Cell & Molecular Bioengineering Pakorn "Tony" Kanachawang National University of Singapore

Jean-Cheng Kuo National Yang Ming University
Computational Bioengineering Martin Buist National University of Singapore

Cheng Leo University of Auckland
Dental Bioengineering Tong Cao National University of Singapore

Amr Sherif Fawzy National University of Singapore
Organ and Tissue Mechanics Yusuke Toyama National University of Singapore

Lance Davidson University of Pittsburgh
Orthopaedic Biomechanics Peter Lee University of Melbourne

Tae Yong Lee National University of Singapore
Biomedical Engineering Education Siew Lok Toh National University of Singapore

International Advisory Committee

Taiji Adachi Kyoto University
Kainan An Mayo Clinic
Cholid Badri Universitas Indonesia
Gang Bao Georgia Institute of Technology
Rashid Bashir University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Cheng-Kung Cheng National Yang Ming University
Shu Chien University of California, San Diego
J.E. Davies University of Toronto
Yiping Du Zhejiang University
David Elad Tel Aviv University
Ross Ethier Georgia Institute of Technology
Jing Fan Peking University
Yubo Fan Beihang University
Janie Fouke Nanyang Technological University
Bin He University of Minnesota
Herbert Voigt Boston University
Walter Herzog University of Calgary
I-Ming Hsing The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Peter Hunter University of Auckland
Dietmar Hutmacher Queensland University of Technology
Zhonglai Jiang Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Roger Kamm Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Young-Ho Kim Yonsei University
Eng Hin Lee National University of Singapore
Kam Leong Duke University
Kangping Lin Chung-Yuan Christian University
Feng Huai Lin National Taiwan University
Hao Liu Chiba University
Mian Long Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ratko Magjarević University of Zagreb
Arthur Mak Chinese University of Hong Kong
Takeo Matsumoto Nagoya Institute of Technology
Karol Miller University of Western Australia
Ralph Muller Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
Nigel Novell University of New South Wales
Teruo Okano Tokyo Women's Medical University
Marcus Pandy University of Melbourne
Mark Pearcy Queensland University of Technology
Robert Ritchie University of California, Berkeley
Ichiro Sakuma Tokyo University
Masaaki Sato Tohoku University
Michael Sheetz National University of Singapore
Molly Shoichet University of Toronto
Fong Chin Su National Cheng Kung University
Toshiyo Tamura Osaka Electro-Communication University
Kazuo Tanishita Waseda University
David Townsend National University Health System
Shigeo Wada Osaka University
Jawlin Wang National Taiwan University
David F. Williams Wake Forest University
Ed X. Wu University of Hong Kong
Takami Yamaguchi Tohoku University
Ajit Yoganathan Georgia Institute of Technology
Haishan Zeng University of British Columbia
Yuan-Ting Zhang Chinese University of Hong Kong
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