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The Biomedical Engineering Society (Singapore) Student Chapter (BES-SC) was launched in December 2009 as a constituent of BES to sustain its growth and membership.

Mission Statement / Purpose

To provide a platform for student groups in Singapore to collaborate in advancing the biomedical engineering profession. The chapter Organization includes:

  1. Student Chapter Advisory Board (SCAB):The SCAB consists of lecturers/professors from various institutions. The term of the SCAB member is 2 years.

  2. Student Chapter Student Committee (SCSC = (SC)^2): The (SC)^2 consists of student leaders from various institutions. The term of the SCWG member is 1 year.

    Membership Eligibility: Any students enrolled in pre-tertiary, undergraduate, or graduate institutions in Singapore, who are interested in the biomedical engineering/ sciences fields, are eligible to sign-up as Student Member of the BES.

    Applications: Students who are interested in becoming a member, please register

  3. Student Chapter Affiliated Club (SCAC):

    Any biomedical engineering/science-focused student groups are encouraged to form an affiliation with the BES-SC and will be designated SCAC.

    In the event that no biomedical engineering/science-focused student groups have been formed a priori, a SCAC can be formed. SCAC should compose of one full-time faculty advisor who is an Ordinary Member of the BES and three Student Representatives who are Student Members of the BES. It is highly desirable that the Student Representatives are staggered in their matriculation years. No dues are associated with the affiliation.

    Each SCAC will renew its affiliation annually by submitting to the SCAB, a list of:
    -Faculty advisor
    -Student Representatives

Student Chapter Programs:
Student Chapter programs can be technical, professional, or social in nature. Chapter programs should be beneficial to the student, the Chapter, BES, and the educational institution.



BES (Singapore) is affiliated to the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE), and other Asia Pacific Biomedical Engineering Society. Read More

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BES Secretariat: 

Secretariat Contact

Email: secretariat@bes.org.sg
Tel:   +65-63564727
Fax:  +65-63567471
Email: secretariat@bes.org.sg  Please contact relevant ex-co members individually

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